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Company name: HUEGLI TECH LTD
Brief name company: HUEGLI
Country: Switzerland
Head of the company: Louis Hugli
Contact information: (+41 (0)) 62 916 50 30, (095) 540 47 52, 62 916 50 35, (095) 540 47 51, [email protected], [email protected], www.huegli-tech.com

Basic directions of activity

The Genset & Engine Control Company

List of names of basic let out production

HUEGLI TECH LTD SWITZERLAND are Manufacturers Representatives and Warehouse in EUROPE, MIDDLE EAST and ASIA for the world leading products like:

GAC - Electronic Governors for Diesel-Gas and Dual fuel engines.
KTI - Hydraulic Engine Starting Systems
Self contained-Spark free-Starts at -40°C

CHALWYN - Automatic Safe engine shut down protection systems

COMAP- Monitoring automation Control Systems for:
- Generating Sets in single or parallel operation
- Marine propulsion systems
- Offering full communication capabilities

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Louis Hugli
Kathleen Hugli
Michael Buergi
Alexander Gavrilenko
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